Ladies Jazz Festival:

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Don’t miss this show. Amazing ladies with the unique programme. Your should be there!

Even as a 5-year-old girl with her parents appeared on the stages of European capitals. As a seven-year even began to sing in public and has become a “European Shirley” – girl successfully plays on the stage Shirley Temple’s film hits.

In the 50s her voice enthused Leopold Tyrmand, bard of and expert on jazz in Polish rather grim post-war reality. In 2009, he released her album “Jazz Singing,” which confirms why it is entitled to the title of Polish Queen of Swing. In his career, he appeared as Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

When & Where?
16 of July 2016: at the Musical Theatre in Gdynia – Carmen Moreno will give a concert on her birthday within Ladies’ Jazz Festival 2016!

She will be accompanied by Anna Serafinska – first qualified Polish doctor in the field of vocal jazz and pop, winner of the public competition within the Montreux Jazz Festival 2004, a privately granddaughter Carmen Moreno.

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